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We want to create diverse communities

The wizards at Fabled Games are passionate about bringing like-minded individuals together and bonding over our mutual love for tabletop games.

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We update our pricing Weekly

Flesh and Blood TCG singles fluctuate extensively. That's why we strive to offer accurate and up-to date pricing on all singles in this range.

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Flesh and Blood Starter Decks

Every legend has a beginning... Start your journey with the most exciting up and coming TCG Flesh and Blood using our range of playable starter decks.

All decks are intended for learning the games and rules and are not competitive. However, they form a great base to begin constructing a truly competitive deck!

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  • Local Events

    We host monthly Vampire: the Eternal Struggle events which are free for everyone to come along too.

  • Articles

    We like to bring interesting stories and news to the tabletop gaming community. We Cover all games that are of interest to us.

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    Discover our rewards program and be rewarded for every time you shop with us. Build up your mana and strive to be the ultimate wizard as we conjure up our mana to defeat our opponents in battle.

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We strive for quality

Fabled Games is passionate about providing high quality products, customer service and awesome events! We also make some cool accessories.

Check out what we have available.

Custom Playmats

Vampire: The Eternal Struggle

Vampire: The Eternal Struggle is a card game in which you take on the role of an ancient vampire, a Methuselah. For thousands of years you have lurked in the shadows of human societies, manipulating mortals and younger vampires. Your hunger for power knows no bounds, and you use whatever means possible to weaken your enemies, from subtle mischief to frontal assault. You must increase your influence and destroy the other Methuselahs one by one, before they destroy you.

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