Monarch pre-release formally debuts Flesh and Blood TCG to Adelaide

Adelaide has always been a quiet city. Given its relative population, it can be difficult to gauge if a new trading card game, such as Flesh and Blood, will be able to establish a strong community. After the pre-release of the new set Monarch, however, it's easy to see that a new and loyal community has been founded and is here to stay.
The event itself had built up much anticipation as this would be the first time nearly all of the attendees have experienced a new release for Flesh and Blood. The store owner, Phil, had goner the extra mile with this event, wanting to make it a memorable experience by providing fancy catering, hiring a professional photographer and making the dress code black tie.
A total of 32 players made it to the event making the store resemble a Japanese train during peek-hour; very little room to move around. That however, didn't deter from the enjoyment that was had, as many players were excited to try out the new mechanics and attempt to pull some Cold Foils (the most valuable type of card from a 1st edition box). 

The excitement players felt brought back the nostalgia of experiencing a TCG (Trading Card Game) for the first time again.


Overall, I believe the release of Monarch was an extremely positive beginning for the game of Flesh and Blood within the Adelaide local community. We have seen many new players come to try it out at local armory events since this release, as the game has gained traction all across the globe
We hope to welcome many more new players.
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