Dragon's Lair Salisbury x Fabled Games: Competitive Event Re-Cap

Dragon's Lair Salisbury x Fabled Games: Competitive Event Re-Cap

Written by Liam Bosecke
In a bid to bring more competitive Flesh and Blood to the small city of Adelaide, DLS (Dragon's Lair Salisbury) have decided to organised monthly regular events to get the locals into the fighting spirit of the game. We've teamed up with DLS as sponsors to offer a prize pool worth fighting for. Two hundred dollars in store credit was up for grabs, as well as some spicy door prizes.
We wanted to capture what happened throughout this event as much as possible, so enjoy our re-cap of what unfolded on the eighth of January.

 Round 1

Chane (Joe Barbaro) vs Prism (Robert Kernohan)
This match was very tight all the way through, but Prism was very disciplined in their blocking. Prism made use of their tomes to claw back some life and managed to play library very early on. Chane turned up the heat and ran away with the game against prism with twenty life to spare because of prism missing the yellow cards it needed to keep up any sort of momentum.
Chane (Matt Brandwood) vs Viscerai (Connor Archer)
Two runeblades went toe to toe. Chane built up momentum with their shackles. Viscerai was very calculating with every card and piece of equipment they used. Unfortunately for the original Runeblade, Viscerai got unlucky with a Sonata play that whiffed. Chane managed to keep up, despite getting some terrible banishes. Viscerai did manage to close out the game however in a close match with Chane's fatigue strategy not being able to hang in there.
Bravo (Hannah Quirk-Meeks) vs Katsu (Ryan Royals)
Bravo put on early pressure with cards such as crippling crush and dominating lesser attacks. However, Katsu did what it does best and chipped away at Bravo's health very slowly. Hannah, however, brought the game back with a patient play style and saving their Armour for when it's crucial and forcing awkward blocks with cards like Spinal crush. Katsu ran out of steam, as Bravo's famous fatigue strategy paid off and closed out the game with a cheeky Pummel on Anothos to boost its damage to ten.
Levia (Lenita Meyers) vs Briar (Tre Collins)
Briar went pedal to the metal, forcing Levia to block most of the game. Unfortunately for Levia, they had a hard time catching up for the rest of the game after that as Briar sped home to victory.
   Lenita Meyers

Round 2

Viscerai (Connor Archer) vs Chane (Joe Barbaro)
Chane had a lot of unlucky banishes late into the game, leaving them with not many options. A very tight game lead to Chane unfortunately not being able to get his cards out of blood debt. Joe later said that he made the mistake of attacking Viscerai round one instead he should have just soul shackled and passed.
Bravo (Hannah Quirk-Meeks) vs Briar (Tre Collins)
Bravo saved their dominate turns until it counted and punished Briar's reliance of 'go again'. They both went right down to one health (again). Briar went wide enough to force Bravo out on life total despite having played multiple Sigil of Solace.
 Joe Barbaro
Katsu (Ryan Royals) vs Prism (Robert Kernohan)
Prism managed to build up a good number of auras to put alot of pressure on Katsu, who had trouble responding to Prism's patient strategy.
Levia (Lenita Meyers) vs Chane (Matt Brandwood)
Both Chane and Levia went for an all out race to zero and unfortunately, Levia suffered from the all too familiar blood debt which she always has trouble paying off.
Hannah Quirk-Meeks 

Round 3

Viscerai (Connor Archer) vs Briar (Tre Collins)
A very slow game comparitive to the others (surprising when considering Briar) The game was neck and neck pretty consistently. Viscerai controlled the tempo, taking ample time to think about every decision throughout the game. It came down to 1 and 1 health in the end, but Connor closed the game out with a Sonata for one arcane damage with a very risky play: Since most cards in his hands blocked for two, he decided that to be the best play.
Bravo (Hannah Qurik-Meeks) vs Chane (Joe Barbaro)
They both played very fast, opting to smashing each other in the face. Chane was on a roll, however, midway through and took off most of Bravo's life. Chane managed to squeeze out the victory however when Bravo didn't have an answer.
Connor Archer 
Prism (Robert Kernohan) vs Chane (Matt Brandwood)
Prism managed to bring out an early library which gave an early card advantage and also managed to keep one aura out for the whole game consistently. It's hard to stop Chane once he's going though, Chane managed to get up and over top.
Levia (Lenita Meyers) vs Katsu (Ryan Royals)
Levia and Katsu were very evenly matched throughout the game. I didn't get to see most of it, but whenever I looked over the life totals were almost identical. Unfortunately for Levia, she couldn't pay off her blood debt.
  Ryan Royals took home the door prize.
  Congratulations to the winner of $150 Fabled Games Store Credit, Connor Archer and to second prize winning $50 Fabled Games Store Credit, Tre Collins, who also took home the Cold Foil door prize. It was great to see some competitive Flesh and Blood right before Nationals kicks off!
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